Regina Daniels & husband discuss their baby’s complexion (Video)


Ned Nwoko

Ned Nwoko and Regina Daniels reveal their baby’s face.

The 7th edition of actress, Regina Daniels‘ YouTube series “Our Circle” titled “Baby Reveal”, saw not only she and her husband, Ned Nwoko showing their baby to the world but also discuss his complexion.

Last Friday, the actress and her billionaire husband revealed their baby’s face in adorable photos.

Since showing off what their baby looks like, the little lad’s cuteness and striking resemblance with his folks have had people in talks.

However, few minutes to the end of the 7th episode, Regina Daniels can be heard telling her husband that she wouldn’t want their baby to get dark.

The actress said their baby would only get dark if he’s exposed to so much sunlight.

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Ned Nwoko then quickly asked whether there is anything wrong with the baby being dark?.

Regina Daniels replied saying there are so many things wrong if the baby becomes dark.

“Many things oh”, she subtly replied to her husband’s question.

The beautiful mum however added that she is trying all she can to maintain and sustain their baby’s current fair complexion.

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