69 dead, over 4000 medical personnel down with COVID-19 in Algeria

Medical personnel in Algeria

COVID-19 cases worldwide now above 21 million

medical personnel in Algeria pay heavy COVID-19 toll

Algeria’s Scientific Committee monitoring the spread of COVID-19 said that 4,025 medical staff in the country have been infected with the virus causing COVID-19.

Djamel Fourar, a member of the committee, was quoted by official APS news agency as saying that “we have identified about 4,025 infections among the medical staff in the whole country.”

He said that 69 of the infected have died from the deadly disease, adding “this situation is the result of the irresponsible behaviour of certain citizens who do not respect the rules of prevention”.

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Fourar called on all citizens to comply with the rules of prevention after the gradual opening of mosques, beaches and leisure areas in order to avoid the risk of contamination.

Algeria on Tuesday reported 492 new COVID-19 cases, bringing the total number in the North African country to 36,204, including 1,322 deaths.

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