COVID-19 cases top 21 million, death toll in U.S. over 170,000

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COVID-19 cases worldwide now above 21 million

COVID-19 cases worldwide now above 21 million

By Abankula

There are now 21,102,920 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the entire world, a new grim milestone reached on Friday, just a few days after crossing 20 million.

The death toll is also 758,036.

However, the good news is that only 7,152,234 of the cases are active as 13,950,686 cases have been discharged.

Tallied figures by showed that the COVID-19 cases in the United States under President Trump are not slowing down.

A total of 5,416,014 cases were reported on Friday.

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The death toll is now over 170,422, according to the site that records figures faster than any other tracking agency.

Despite the pervading virus doom in America, only 2,401,950 of the caseload are now active.

While Brazil has 3,229,621 cases and 105,000 fatalities, India, the third worst affected country has 2,465,662 cases and 48,188 deaths.

See the table of 12 worst hit countries:

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