American Pastor Begley unveils End Time 'Apocalypse Watch App'

Pastor Paul Begley

Pastor Paul Begley

Pastor Paul Begley

By Our Reporter

Evangelical Pastor Paul Begley, based in Indiana, United States, who said an asteroid will soon fall on earth, has announced the launch of an app to get the latest updates about the Apocalypse.

A video uploaded to his YouTube channel on Tuesday features intermittent scenes of natural disasters and military action along with the message: “In these end times, where can you turn for the latest news from a Biblical perspective?”

The 30-second clip ends with the teaser: “The Apocalypse Watch App – coming soon!”
Begley’s website, whose name appears in the video, contains no mention of the app but encourages users to shop for his DVDs, books, and travel mugs.

There hasn’t been any information on the app’s launch date either.

The Indiana-based pastor and conspiracy theorist regularly runs sermon-style live streams, where he covers contemporary events and links them with Biblical prophecies about the end of the world.

“We are living in the last days and it’s time that people understand what’s going on in these end times,” he told his 330,000-plus YouTube audience this month.

Last week, Begley suggested that an asteroid will hit the earth in fulfilment of biblical doomsday prophecies.

The asteroid in question, 2011 ES4, is expected to pass by Earth at a distance less than that between our planet and the moon, on 1 September, though, as the Daily Star points out, this space rock does not seem to be posing any threat.

Pastor Paul Begley, however, who has previously made claims about “brimstone and fire falling from the heavens”, now suggests that dangerous space debris may be on its way to Earth, the newspaper reported.

*From Sputnik

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