COVID-19 cases in India now over 3million

Testing for COVID-19 in India 2

COVID-19 deaths in India surpass 100,000

COVID-19 cases in India keep escalating

The number of COVID-19 cases in India crossed 3 million today, 15 days after the country reported over 2 million cases.

The total cases in India are now 3,005,281, up by 29,580 since the last update 24 hours ago, NDTV reported.

India is behind Brazil and the US in biggest number of cases.

India has been reporting the highest number of daily COVID-19 cases for the last 18 days.

Maharashtra with 657, 450 has the highest cases in India, followed by Tamil Nadu (373,410) and Andhra Pradesh (345,216).

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The country today also saw its biggest single-day jump in coronavirus cases with 69,878 new patients reported in the last 24 hours till this morning, Health Ministry data shows.

The number of deaths has surpassed 800,000 around the world, while in India, it is close to 60,000.

Latin America and the Caribbean is the worst-affected region with 254,897 deaths.

United States comes second with close to 180,000 deaths.

More than half of global fatalities have been reported in four countries – the US, Brazil, Mexico and India.

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