Nigerians blast Aisha Buhari for cheeky comment on Nigerian hospitals

Aisha Buhari

Aisha Buhari: exits Twitter

Aisha Buhari: butt of attacks on Twitter

Aisha Buhari, wife of Nigeria’s President has been the target of attack on Twitter over what some termed her cheeky comment about the state of Nigerian hospitals.

Aisha slipped out of Nigeria last week for medicare in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, only to return on Friday to preach the need for our hospitals to be properly funded.

She even suggested they take advantage of the loan facilities by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

“I recall hosting the private healthcare Providers earlier in the year and we had a very productive engagement where the issue of building the capacity of Nigeria health sector was the major focus, and funding was discovered to be the major challenge,” she wrote in a statement she signed.

“I therefore call on the healthcare providers to take the advantage of the Federal Government’s initiative through the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) guidelines for the operation of NGN100 Billion Credit Support for the Healthcare Sector as was released recently contained in a circular dated March 25, 2020 to the Commercial Banks.

“This will no doubt help in building and expanding the capacity of the Nigerian health sector and ultimately reduce medical trips and tourism outside the Country,” she added.

Nigerians on Twitter found her comment insulting, condescending, like rubbing pepper into Nigerian eyes, especially after she had taken herself to enjoy a better healthcare in Dubai, at tax payers expense, when her husband has failed to fix Nigerian hospitals.

Here are samples of what Nigerians are saying:

Green Cycles: Nigeria is rich in irony: Ganduje lectures on corruption, el Rufai on the Rule of Law, Aisha Buhari on Medical Tourism, OBJ on Democracy, GEJ on effective governance, Oshimole on Election Violence . Nigerians don’t understand irony.

#TPAC Mazi @FestusGreen Flag of Nigeria @FestusGreen: Aisha Buhari is the most clueless First Lady Nigeria has ever had.She only ‘talks’ when her exclusive concernment is threatened.
She has not impacted Nigerians in any positive way. It’s always about her personal interests.
Like husband, like wife. Selfish lots”.

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