Saudi Crown Prince Salman

Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Salman: FII conference postponed


Saudi Arabia has postponed till January next year its fourth Future Investment Initiative (FII) conference due to global travel issues related to the coronavirus pandemic.

The conference was initially scheduled for October 28-29.

The conference, which attracts chief executives of global companies and top government officials, will now be held on January 26-28, 2021, in Riyadh, with the title “The Neo-Renaissance.”

The kingdom however is going ahead with preparations to host a meeting of G20 in November.

Saudi Arabia, with a population of around 30 million, has reported a total of 316,670 coronavirus cases and 3,929 deaths since March 2, when the first COVID-19 infection case was announced.

It has introduced some of the most drastic measures in the Gulf region to curb the spread of COVID-19.

These included halting international flights and limiting the numbers attending the hajj to fewer than 1,000 people already resident in the Kingdom.