El-Rufai: signs the castration law for rapists

Governor Nasir El-Rufai has signed the Kaduna State Penal Code (Amendment) Law 2020 which provides for stiff penalties, including
surgical castration for convicted men who raped children below 14 years.

The law, the first of its type in Nigeria, also provides for bilateral salpingectomy for female convicts. This involves the removal of the woman’s fallopian tube.

Governor El-Rufai announced that he had signed the law today.

The law amends the penal code No.5 of the state, which was passed in 2017.

In addition to the punishment of castration, any male convicted for having sex with a male child below 14 years, shall also be punished with death.

Read the full law here:

Only three countries in the world punish rapists with castration. They are Indonesia, Czech Republic and Ukraine.

Germany used to have the law, but in 2017, it made it inoperative, following pressure from the Council of Europe’s anti-torture committee.