How to know a refurbished or fake smartphone in the market

Original vs refurbished phone

Original vs refurbished phone

Brand7Ps Communications Limited offers an advisory to smartphone buyers and users about how to detect a fake new smartphone or a refurbished one in the market.

P.M.News finds it timely and useful and hereby shares with our teeming readers.

Original vs refurbished phone

Refurbish devices can be said to be a replicate, duplicate or the resemblance of digital devices like phones, tablets or laptops. In some cases, refurbished phones are not new. But that does not mean it has been used before but a pre-owned product that underwent a factory reset and re-assembling.

In Nigeria, some years back when phones, tablets or laptops first arrived, the companies that were in existence were Nokia, Samsung, Sony etc until China took over and started producing brand names like Infinix, Tecno etc.

Having a China phone like Infinix, Tecno etc does not literally mean that you are using the refurbished phone but there are lots of refurbished phones in the Nigerian market today.

Original phone v fake phone
Fake v original plug-in

How to know a refurbished phone?

1] If the price is too good to be true: Everyone wants a high-end phone but the problem is, do you have the financial capacity to purchase the phone? If you know that this product like Tecno Camon15 is sold for N70,000+ and you went to a vendor’s shop and he gives it for N40,000 or thereabout, have it in mind that it is either refurbished or stolen.

Most times, the problem of going home with a refurbished phone is caused by the customer where he prices the product below the purchase price.

Then a dubious vendor who is desperate to sell might likely give him the refurbished phone.

Secondly, most vendors lack integrity, they will decide on their own to sell a refurbished phone purposely to an unsuspecting customer for the price of the original phone.

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2] The seal at the back:

The seal is the label which shows the brand’s model and IMEI. If you are not a pro, it might be difficult to know. But if you are conversant with phones, it will not be a problem.

The typing on the label should be tiny, imprint and embedded not bold or pasted.

3] The casing/housing:

This is also very difficult to notice. But if you put the original phone and a refurbished phone together, it will be easier. The colours of both vary. The refurbished is thicker in colour and shiny while the original is light in colour.

4] The programming:
If you switch on the phone, the contents of the phone should be tiny and the colour in LED contrast for the original phone and in LCD contrast for the refurbished.

5] The sound:

While switching on the phone, listen carefully to the welcome tone.
The sound should be soundproof and loud but the refurbished phone will be noisy and will be sounding like something sand entered.

6] IMEI:
Copy the IMEI number and check it on the company’s website.

The implications of buying a refurbished phone:
1: Even without putting many files, it will start indicating memory full
2: In some cases, it wouldn’t browse
3: The panel will start heating up.
4: “Android,com has stopped working” will start popping up.

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