AN24 Editor, Paul Dada releases "Roll It," "I Belong To You"


Paul Dada

Paul Dada

The Editor of, Paul Dada who is also a gospel artiste, has released two singles”, Roll It” and “I Belong to You.”

The songs are thematically preoccupied with calls to believers in Christ to trust Him for support and comfort as they face the challenges of life.

Dada said the health challenges he had faced this year inspired him to record the songs.

“Unknown to most people, this year has been the toughest in my life in respect of my health. I have had serious health challenges. One of those challenges caused me to undergo surgery which led to complications. I thought about death a lot. I was ready to die if it was God’s will though I preferred to stay alive because of my family.

” But God has been merciful to me. My health has improved. In all circumstances, I have learnt to fully trust in Jesus.”

“Roll it is a fast-paced song which simply exhorts believers not to be disconsolate but lay their burden on Christ who cares for them while I Belong to You assures them that they are God’s possession and He watches out for them,” he said.

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Here are the download links for the songs.

Roll it

I Belong to You

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