#EndSARS protesters in Abuja

By Preye Campbell

The popular tale of the Phoenix comes from classical mythology, and over the years it has become a symbol for hope or strength – or both- renewed.

As we know, the tale of the Phoenix is quite interesting. The Phoenix is a unique bird that rises from the ashes of its predecessor, taking new form and new strength culminating into immortality.

Such a tale sounds like a coincidence because it fits so much into all that we witness today. We wake up today knowing fully well that a revolution has been on our roads, on the news, on social media tools, and generally, on the entire globe.

We didn’t know what 2020 would bring at its inception, and we were wrong to consider it a year of pure bliss; a horror pandemic combined with the various endemics of the nation from January till now has resulted in a very challenging year.

But through it all comes a pleasant surprise that could very well be the start of a new era, a new Nigeria.

So, can we say then that the Phoenix tale really did come into play with Africa’s most populous nation? Can we say that out of the ashes of corruption, oppression, and destruction, comes a renewed bird; this time represented by the frustrated but determined youthful population that has come together to shake the entire nation?

Can we say that, like the Phoenix, a new Nigeria is set to arise out of the evil of what has been since 1960 and finally coast into the immortality of justice?

As it is, out of the darkness of 2020 comes the light of a revolution. A new week is about to bear fruit to that.