Seyi Tinubu

By Nimot Adetola Sulaimon

Loatsad PromoMedia, an advertising firm owned Seyi Tinubu, has denied removing the CCTV surveillance cameras, switching off the street lights at the Lekki Toll Plaza, a few hours before shootings started.

PM NEWS notes that hell broke loose on Tuesday night when soldiers allegedly shot at unarmed peaceful protesters at the toll gate.

Many Nigerians have pointed fingers at the Tinubu family, alleging that they had keen knowledge about the shootings before it happened.

However, Seyi Tinubu, the CEO of Loatsad PromoMedia has denied all these allegations. According to him, the advertising firm simply followed the curfew instructions laid by the Governor, Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu.

Read the statement found on the company’s Instagram page

”Following our earlier post detailing what transpired at the Lekki toll gate yesterday, we would like to address the sensational headlines making the rounds.

”Like every other business in Lagos and in compliance with the curfew issued by the Governor, we told our staff to leave all our sites at 3 pm in order for them to adhere to the 4 pm curfew issued.

”All news coverage around that period clearly show the billboard was off before 4 pm (we will implore this to be verified).

”All we operate is the billboard at this location and we have no control over the street lights or CCTV.

”When we were approached by the organisers of the protest to help them with power, we gave them unfettered use of our generator and ensured our technical staff was physically present to control the board for their use. And when the events were over he will leave at midnight.

”On this occasion, we were highly concerned about our staff members who live very far from Victoria Island. On no account will we have turned off our board on the same comrades we worked with throughout the entire period the protests were ongoing at the Toll plaza.

”Our hearts continue to go out to the victims and families of the tragic turn of events that have taken place. we are really heartbroken at the way things turned out and we pray our land is healed by God’s grace”.