Elkay Soundz

Elkay Soundz

Nigerian Afro-Pop musician based in Canada, Henry Eloka Udogu, popularly known as Elkay Soundz has announced an upcoming new tune titled ‘Do Re Me’.

Since he released his first single which was a cover for Peruzzi’s ‘For Your Pocket’, Elkay Soundz has proved to be one who intends to remain in the musical scenery for quite a long time.

With the music industry in Africa making waves like never before, and Nigerian super stars taking Afro Pop to the world, Elkay Soundz is carving a niche for himself.

He has a unique sound and has remained consistent with his art, track after track Elkay is working on being a better version of himself.

His diversity can be seen in how he blends Afropop, afrobeats, dancehall and R&B to create upbeat music with catchy lyrics.

Elkay’s songs have a very high energy with a feel-good vibe, and he is coming up with a new tune ‘Do Re Me’ pretty soon.

Elkay Soundz is a big fan of live instrumentation and his single Sofia had a string of instruments played live including the Saxophone.

Elkay assures his fans that his new single Do Re Me is the beginning of a rebirth and he won’t be off the music industry for long as he is prepared to dish out back to back classics in due course.

First up is ‘Do Re Mi’ which will be released any moment from now and Elkay says the song is ‘special’ to him, he wrote the song at a point in time when he really fell in love with a lady but things didn’t work out as planned.

He is a lover boy and he expressed his feelings in this new tune and it’s one everyone call related to, most especially the gentlemen out there who have been in situations where they really liked someone but things ended up not working out.