Okada riders on rampage, chase away Task Force, vandalize BRT buses

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Police flee, as Okada riders pursue

Police flee, as Okada riders pursue

By Kazeem Ugbodaga 

There was mayhem on Wednesday at Ikeja Along, Ikeja area of Lagos as irate okada riders went on rampage and chased away Task Force officials trying to enforce traffic law.

The Task Force officials had come to the area to stop the okada riders from plying BRT corridor as they were not meant to even ply the expressway.

PM NEWS observed that okada riders have been emboldened in law-breaking in the aftermath of #EndSARS violence in the state.

Unlike in the past, okada riders normally flee when they see Task Force officials approaching but on Wednesday, they remained put on the BRT lane spoiling for action.

In a flash, the riders started hurling stones at the police and chased them away.

Videos on twitter showed Task Force officials running as the okada mob pursued them.

The okada riders later descended on BRT buses plying the area and broke several windscreens.

It was gathered that passengers in the BRT buses fled in every direction as the irate okada riders started throwing stones.

There was pandemonium in the area as people ran for their lives to avert being caught in the clash between the okada riders and Task Force.

In the ensuing violence, okada riders burnt tyres on the BRT lane and dared anyone to challenge them.

Many people resorted to trekking as the BRT buses stayed off the road to avoid the wrath of okada riders.

On Tuesday, okada riders in Mile 2 area attacked police officials, damaged three vehicles and injured one of the officials.

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