Real Estate Conference: Stakeholders harness opportunities in digital marketing, others

Real Estate

L-R Dr Shogo, Life Coach, Dr Freeman Osonuga MD/CEO, Adloyalty Business Network, Paul Foh Nigeria's leading Sales Coach, Dr Bukola Adewakun, Digital Marketing Expert at ACCELERATE 2020

L-R Dr Shogo, Life Coach; Dr Freeman Osonuga MD/CEO, Adloyalty Business Network; Paul Foh Nigeria’s leading Sales Coach and Dr Bukola Adewakun, Digital Marketing Expert at ACCELERATE 2020.

Stakeholders in real estate sector have harnessed opportunities in digital marketing and others, as well as brainstorm on how to reposition the sector for more effectiveness.

Various speakers spoke at the 3rd annual Real Estate Conference, tagged: “Accelerate 2020” on Wednesday the 18th of November 2020. The conference was organised by Adloyalty Business Network, an Independent Real Estate Network Marketing Firm.

The one-day virtual conference was designed to educate, inspire, and equip Real Estate Sales professionals with a variety of skills that will better position them to boost their career.

Hundreds of realtors of Adloyalty Business Network had the opportunity to listen to experts in Digital Marketing, Sales, and Client Management.

In his speech, Dr. Freeman Osonuga the Chief Executive Officer, CEO of Adloyalty Business Network and the convener of the Conference said the participants would be exposed to the hidden secrets of succeeding in the real estate business.

He advised the participants to avoid any form of distractions.

The first speaker, Dr. Bukola Adewakuna, digital marketing expert spoke extensively on the various methods of hacking Instagram for explosive marketing.

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She further explained the nitty-gritty of using social media as a means of attracting great clients and closing sales.

The second speaker,Dr. Shogo, a life coach, spoke on various methods of attracting and retaining clients forever. He divulged the fundamental Pillars of client attraction which is a very useful tool in the real estate career. He went on to share timely advice and quotes on how to make a name and excel in the real estate business.

Another speaker, Paul Foha well-sought after sales coach in Nigeria, exposed the secrets of the growth mindset versus the fixed mindset.

He extensively discussed the mindset that inhibits realtors from making sales or even retain clients. Paul Foh challenged real estate consultants to embrace productivity and creativity. He exposed various strategies to sell and to excel in the real estate career.

The Managing Director of Adloyalty Business Network, Dr. Freeman Osonuga thanked all who were able to attend both online and offline, among others.