CEO Sujimoto group shares inspiring life testimonial


CEO Sujimoto group

CEO Sijibomi Ogundele of Sujimoto group

By Nimot Adetola Sulaimon

Sijibomi Ogundele, the Managing Director of Sujimoto Group, has shared inspiring life testimonials on how he grew his real estate business.

For him, taking into account the time value of money remains a good measure of sound investment decision.

He made the assertion in Lagos while addressing a group of young emerging entrepreneurs.

Ogundele said that the best time to invest is now, he explained that his experience has taught him that one cannot afford to leave today’s investment decision for tomorrow’s uncertainty.

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“Two years ago, I was invited by one of this “big egbon” to own a part of Sujimoto, I offered him 10% at 2billion, and he said noooo, bla bla-bla.

”Today he has re-invited us, offering 5billion for same 10%, but I have started my offer from 10billion, and I’m not moving 1kobo. You must have the eye of a Warren Buffet, and see the intrinsic value in others”

According to the real estate czar, every entrepreneur must have an eye for opportunities and not afraid to take calculated investment risks.

Sujimoto Construction is currently developing a one in class luxury real estate asset, the LeonardoBySujimoto, in the heart of Banana Island, Africa’s most expensive neighborhood.

When completed, the LeonardoBySujimoto project will be the most endearing single luxury property in West Africa.

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