Okada/Keke ban forgotten since #EndSARS protest - FRSC

Boboye Oyeyemi, Corps Marshal, FRSC and other FRSC Officers.

Boboye Oyeyemi, Corps Marshal, FRSC and other FRSC Officers.
Boboye Oyeyemi, Corps Marshal, FRSC and other FRSC Officers.

By Funmilayo Adeyemi/ Naomi Sharang

Mr Boboye Oyeyemi, Corps Marshal, Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), has said that commuters and riders have forgotten of the Okada/Keke ban on highways since the #EndSARS protest.

According to him, the recent influx of motorcycles and tricycle riders was as a result of the aftermath of the EndSARS protest.

Also, he added that the growing motorcycles, tricycles and bicycle riders’ is responsible for the increase in the number of road traffic crashes in cities.

Oyeyemi noted that most state governments have outlawed them in the urban areas and as such, they were moved to the fringes of the towns.

“Almost all the state government have outlawed them in the urban areas, they were moved to the fringes. I was involved in that of FCT by the minister of FCT but after the EndSARS, there was lawlessness, disobedience.

“Because if you look at what the law says, when people talk about the rule of law the first question is what does the law says, what does the traffic rules and regulation says about this.

“Combine that with the high way code. On expressways, bicycles, motorcycles and tricycle are not supposed to be on the expressway. Like Abuja here, most of the roads are expressway and on the expressway, you are not supposed to have bicycles, motorcycles, tricycle.

“ So the minister took a bold decision and confine them to the fringes but the EndSARS brought back this lawlessness and action is been taken again.’’

Oyeyemi said that dislodging the motorcycles and tricycles riders from urban areas had helped to reduce crashes on the road.

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He, therefore, said that proactive measures would be put in place to ensure that they get back to the fringes and as well stop them from causing chaos in the city.

“ When Lagos confined them three, four years ago, I think Opeifa was the commissioner for transportation then, road traffic crashes dropped by 70 per cent, the data are there.

“This category you observed are major contributors to the increase in road traffic crashes.

“The way they cross the road, the way they keep to the fast lane and the lawlessness comes in when there is a small crash involving them.

“The level of violence they display whether you are right or wrong, they will damage, vandalise your car if they don’t kill you.

“Our personnel have been victims in the course of enforcing safety on the road, they are very lawless.

”But now, proactive measures are being taken to compel them to go back to the fringes where they belong because I have been raising alarms about the increase in road traffic crashes.

”And I am happy all that it needed to be done must be done with other agencies to ensure they comply,” he said.

He, therefore, pledged governments commitment to tackle the influx of the riders in order to reduce crash on the road.


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