Amazing Story of 3 female neighbours, pregnant same time

Chioma Ugwa-Brown and her neighbours

Chioma Ugwa-Brown and her neighbours

Chioma Ugwa-Brown and her pregnant neighbours

A woman dealing in gym wears has shared a story about her and two female pregnant neighbours.

All the ladies married about the same time and conceived also about the same time and gave birth, almost simultaneously.

And they all live in the same compound in Lagos, to compare notes and share experiences carrying babies in the womb.

Chioma Ugwa-Brown, right and her friends

Chioma Ugwa-Brown who shared the amazing story on Instagram wrote:

“One of the best parts about being pregnant for me was I had 2 amazing women who could relate to exactly how I felt at any point in time 😁😁😁

“People thought we planned it , 3 neighbors in the same compound , All newly weds and we all conceived almost at the same time.

“The experience was so so surreal …… We helped each other through it all whether it was deciding who had the energy to cook that day so we could all eat or who had the strength to drive out and run errands or even contributing to order the junk foods we were craving”.

Chioma Ugwa-Brown, her husband and their baby Camille

All the three women have delivered their babies, with Chioma Ugwa-Brown, christening her female baby: CHIMAMANDA CAMILLE UGWA-BROWN.

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