I stand out in so many ways - Jessie Lee Ward


Jessie Lee Ward

Jessie Lee Ward

Serial entrepreneur, Jessis Lee Ward has revealed that her biggest dream to become the biggest personality in the network marketing industry.

Her dream might feel supersized but the key to understanding Jessie Lee Ward is understanding that she is relentless in her belief. “Nothing about me is normal. I stand out in so many ways. Personality, drive, vision, consistency, impact”

That also informs how she approaches work, refusing to throw in the towel even when the odds are against her. “Mindset is everything. The mindset to start, the mindset to continue, the mindset to grow, the mindset to change, the mindset to have more grit than you ever have quit. Nearly everything runs through having a powerful mindset in who you want to be and who you want to become.”

Jessie’s drive has helped her escape the poverty of growing up and establish successful business empires. “I have built 3 multi-million dollar monthly businesses online in the last 9 years without any paid advertising,” she says. “I have several business. I am a leader in a network marketing company, I own a hair salon, I trade money, I own part of a construction company, a CBD company, and more.”

Her success has opened more doors for her with Jessie being invited to participate as a speaker at the Go Pro, which is a highly recognized Association of Network Marketing for women globally. In addition to that, there have been numerous magazine appearances including a Network Times profile.

Through all this, she still keeps perspective. “I am forever growing. I want to continue to impact the world. I have been utilizing a ton of social media to make that happen. My podcast in general is approaching 1 million downloads with no signs of slowing down.”

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