Discover reason behind Jamil Damji building Keyglee

Jamil DamjI

Only formed in 2016 by Jamil Damji, Rahima Athari, Josiah Grimes, and Hunter Runyon, KeyGlee is already doing revolutionary things in the American real estate space.

Born out of the aftershock of the 2008 global financial crisis, the company has a culture of seeking out undervalued real estate and selling them on.

Mr Damji explains that the key motivation for starting the business was finding value where others were not looking. “I have a passion for real estate and entrepreneurship,” he explains.

”I have a natural ability to see value where others may not. I deal in the types of properties that haunt peoples dreams. Fire burns, hoarder homes, deceased owners, destructive tenants, haunted. When we repair these homes, we help uplift communities by improving eyesores and removing dangerous elements from an area.”

Their model is also decidedly revolutionary, combining analytical insight and technical rigour to figure out a market for distressed properties.

“KeyGlee has rapidly changed the way distressed property is bought and sold in the United States,” Jamil says.

“Our model focuses on matching properties that are in need of repair with investors willing to take the financial risk to repair them. For our efforts, we take a “fee” on each transaction. We have since scaled operations at KeyGlee and now have conducted thousands of deals locally.

In 2020 we franchised KeyGlee nationally and are currently in 18 additional markets and growing rapidly. Our goal is to have 700 franchises nationwide within the next 5 years.”

Jamil’s idea of real estate stretches beyond just linking buyers and sellers, ultimately, he wants to bring in the public on the process.

“I want to democratize the world of investment real estate,” he says.

The mainstream public should have an opportunity to participate in it just as those of us that are “in the know” do. Most realtors haven’t the slightest idea what’s best for you, only what’s going to pay them the quickest.”

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