Oniru pledges security of property rights of allotees


The Oniru of Ireland, Oba Lawal and others during the programme

The Oniru of Ireland, Oba Lawal and others during the programme

The Oniru of Iru land, HRM Oba Omogbolahan Lawal, Abisogun II, says the focus of his kingship is on the security of the property rights of allottees in the kingdom.

Oba Lawal stated this at the commissioning of the Oniru Chieftaincy Family Estate Office located on Water Corporation Drive, Oniru, Victoria Island.

The monarch noted that the security of the property rights of allottees is one of the indicators of a friendly investment planet.

He explained that the commissioning of the Oniru Chieftaincy Family Estate Office was to assure all sons and daughters of Iru in all walks of life that their properties and lands in the kingdom would never be devalued under his reign.

The Oniru noted that the chieftaincy family estate office would see to the progress and challenges of the allottees on issues relating to real estate, buying of lands as well as environmental concerns across Iru Land.

“We have come here today to officially commission the Oniru Chieftaincy Family Estate Office. This is in compliance with the family’s authority in place.

“It is important to also note that the family used to have a property company but it dissolved and the power of attorney of the company has been revoked by the Kabiyesi and the family head of the three ruling houses- Abisogun, Akiogun and Ogunyemi ruling houses.

“This is the office that will now see to the challenges, issues and progress of the allottees. As a matter of fact, security of property rights which is one of the indicators of a friendly investment planet is what this office will focus on.

“Instead of us using another company, we resolved that the family should run its affairs by sons and daughters of Iru land,” he asserted.

According to Oba Lawal, the chieftaincy estate office would grant investors an unrivaled convenience as well as letting investors, both present and prospective to know that Iru Land was customer-centric.

He said the office would put all issues related to allottees first by giving them a conducive environment to conduct their businesses and transations.

The Oniru stated that the infrastructure in Iru Land needed to be up-scaled while the existing ones would be regenerated noting that the office was already in discussion with the Lagos State Government to ensure that all the 3043 residents under the watch of Iru Estate have access to portable water.

He further stated that the office was structured in such a way that only professionals would be involved in the management of the estate which would also focus on the security affairs while ensuring that the sanitation was close to being a pacesetter for other surrounding estates.

“The benefit of this place generally is investors’ convenience. It is important to let our allottees know that we are customer-centric. In this case, our allottees are our customers, we gave them the title, we made agreements with them and so, they are our customers.

“We want to assure them that we have not come to devalue their properties or hijack their properties. We want to make them know that under my watch, I will never do anything to reduce the value of their properties at any point in time.

“You must have seen the level of infrastructures on ground, we need to upscale the infrastructure and regenerate the existing infrastructure.

“No portable water in this estate and we are in discussion with the Lagos state government to ensure that the 3043 residents in Iru under the estate watch will have access to portable water,” Oba Lawal said.

He assured all allottees, Lagosians and Nigerians in general as well as sons and daughters of Iru land wherever they are that this was a new beginning with great a vision and laser focused that would be beneficial to all including residents, indigenes and non-indigenes.

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Also speaking, the Special Adviser to the Lagos State Governor on Urban Development, Mr. Ganiyu Ayuba noted that Iru Land was lucky to have Oba Omogbolahan Lawal, an industrious son as Oniru.

Ayuba said the Oniru had been in government for many years and has brought that expertise and innovation to Iru kingdom.

“To the Lagos state government, if we have a Kabiyesi that is coordinating the family unit which is the starting unit of governance, we are really lucky.

“We are happy that he is assisting the government to coordinate the environment.

“Security, infrastructure and environment are the focal points of governance; If the Kabiyesi can assist in coordinating his kingdom like this, then we are excited and we enjoin all other traditional rulers to emulate him,” Ayuba said.

The Managing Director, Oniru Chieftaincy Family Estate Office, Prince Musiliu Ajasa stated that office was created solely with the residents and investors in mind.

Ajasa noted that the essence of the office was to increase stakeholders’ confidence in the affairs of the estate particularly on issues such as security, infrastructure, environment and sanitation among others.

According to him, Iru Land had a working vision and as such had commenced the implementation of some policies and projects such as rehabilitation and reconstruction of roads within the estate, construction of a well-equipped health centre of international standard.

“We have eradicated land grabbers and any bottlenecks that bother residents, illumination of the entire estate by providing street lights and many more.

“We want to improve on the security of the entire Iru land which will totally eradicate land grabbers and any bottlenecks that may want to hinder the convenience of allottees.

“Anybody having depots in this kingdom will have no issue because we are working tirelessly to ensure that everyone in Iru has confidence in the security arrangement of the estate.

“We want to be able to create an environment where allottees can carry out transactions without a hitch of any kind,” Ajasa said.

Another member of the Oniru ruling houses, Prince Olumide Oniru said that the idea behind the office was to speed up development adding that the office would be technologically driven and well manned.

He noted that the affairs of the office would transcend beyond the present as it would be about future prosperity and development of Iru kingdom.

“This gathering today is to commission the new family office which is responsible for the administration of all matters that have to do with landed properties in the Oniru chieftaincy family represented by the three ruling houses of Abisogun, Akinogun and Ogunyemi houses.

“The essence of setting this up is to reassure the allottees, investors and partners on this estate so that there’s a structure in place which is transparent for the management of this estate, and also to provide land and security for those people who own property on this Estate.

“The idea is to speed up development. All the processes of development can be sped up through this office to be technologically sound and well manned to be able to do that,” Prince Oniru said.

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