Trump now deposed king ranting: William Barr

Trump signs the executive order in the presence of U.S. attorney-general Barr

Trump and his Attorney General William Barr fall apart

Trump and his Attorney General William Barr fall apart

Outgoing U.S. President Donald Trump has become a ‘deposed king ranting’, according to the opinion of Attorney General William Barr.

A report quoting CNN said Barr was reacting to Trump’s tweet describing him
a ‘big disappointment’ for not making public Justice Department probe of Hunter Biden’s tax papers.

According to the report, Barr ‘isn’t intimidated’ by Trump’s diatribe.

Trump had lashed out at Barr on Twitter Saturday morning demanding to know why he didn’t reveal the investigation into President-elect Joe Biden’s son before the election and retweeting a post calling for the firing of Barr.

Barr is said to be unimpressed with Trump and is just riding out his time left until they both leave office.

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Barr ‘cannot be intimidated by Trump’ and has dismissed the president’s outbursts over the probe as ‘the deposed king ranting,’ the source told CNN Saturday after Trump’s Twitter rampage.

The DOJ boss ‘is not someone who takes bullying and turns the other cheek’, they added.

Despite the growing rift between the two men – who were once staunch allies – Barr plans to stay on in his role until Trump leaves the White House and is likely to only quit if he thinks Trump is about to fire him, according to the insider.

The source added that tensions are currently so high between the two men that it is like ‘a Cold War.’

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