Just in: Female drummer, Ara, hit by internet fraudsters

Ara: hit by internet fraudsters

By Nehru Odeh

Foremost female drummer in Africa, Aralola Olumuyiwa, better known as Ara, has fallen victim to internet fraud.

She made this known today on her Facebook page. According to her she misplaced her Automated Teller Machine (ATM) card a few days ago, which a fraudster saw and used to withdraw all the savings in her account.

The Facebook POST reads:

“So I became a victim of internet fraud, all the money in my savings gone! Misplaced my ATM a few days ago but thought it was the usual as I would still locate it only to get the rude shock this morning. I didn’t even get an alert. I have since called the customer care line. Please guard your ATM card well, they don’t need your pin to access your money. 😥 Ẹ shock me ó!”

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In a chat with PMNEWS, the artiste said she had called the customer care of her bank and was told to visit the branch next Monday.

The customer care also told her that the fraudster used the money to purchase some goods online at Lekki at about 2: 03AM on New Year Day.

Asked when he realised the ATM card was missing, she said: “About a week or less. Usually I forget it in my pocket or bag or with my son, sometimes it’s in the car. So was surprised when I searched and couldn’t locate it. Didn’t think to block it cos I thought I would still find it,” she told PMNEWS.



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