International organisations do not mean well for Nigeria - Osun monarch

Olowu of Owu

Olowu of Kuta in Osun, Oba Adekunle Oyelude

Olowu of Kuta in Osun, Oba Adekunle Oyelude

Osun State Council of Traditional Rulers

The federal government has been urged to pull out of the International Criminal Court, ICC Rome Statute for failing to be fair and just to the country in its dispositions.

The Olowu of Kuta, Oba Adekunle Oyelude Makama gave the advice on Thursday while addressing the press before the meeting of the Osun State Council of Traditional Rulers in Osogbo.

The monarch lamented dispositions of international organisations such as Amnesty International and the ICC to Nigeria, saying that they do not mean well for the country other than fuelling its crisis.

“Let the Federal Government of Nigeria pull out of unfavorable treaty. Some countries have pulled out of the ICC. They should stop demoralising our troops. Of what benefits? Let us see how many or when the ICC would prosecute or call for prosecution of those that called for a mass protest in America yesterday (Wednesday), to the extent of killing and maiming the people” the monarch lamented.

He also encouraged the Armed Forces particularly the military to remain resolute in the fight against insurgents in the northeast and other parts of Nigeria.

He said “I’m using this opportunity to encourage our security agencies, the military in particular to redouble their efforts and discard all divisive elements that are distracting them. Neither ICC nor Amnesty international would come and help us salvage our country.

“We have to appreciate the patriotic force, they have been vindicated. Look at what happened yesterday in the most Advanced Democracy. You see the way CNN reported it! They called them terrorists but people burning houses here (Nigeria), burning courts, killing police, they called them peaceful protesters.

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“ICC or Amnesty International have never meant well for us. So, the right-thinking Nigerians should look inward and know that these foreign organisations do not mean well for the cooperate existence of this nation”.

Oba Makama saluted the courage and patriotism of the military and expressed optimism that given an enabling condition, the Armed Forces would end insurgency in Nigeria.

He said “I’m very optimistic, given the enabling environment, Nigeria will surmount the security challenges this year. The Nigerian Army needs to be founded more, equipped more. Then the Nigerian Police need to be adequately funded and equipped. So that we can separate the duties and mandate of the police from that of Nigerian Army”.

The monarch enjoined the Armed forces to disregard the international organisations and their antics which would only destabilize the country if they are taken seriously.

“Nigerian Army should discard all subversive elements and face the insurgents squarely. We commend them for keeping the nation one, and they can count on our support”.

Oba Makama, however, called on the federal government to equip and fund the security agencies to bolster their performance.

“Nigeria Armed forces and the security agencies should be strengthened more this year. They should look beyond the north-east. All distractions coming from the north-east against our army should stop this year, enough is enough, he concluded.