Nigerian entrepreneur Laura Ikeji launches makeup line

Laura Beauty

Laura Ikeji

Laura Ikeji

By Jennifer Okundia

Fashion and beauty entrepreneur Laura Ikeji, has officially launched her makeup line, and she shared her journey on her social media.

Ikeji disclosed that she decided to produce her corrector/contour, after searching for what would conceal and highlight her face properly.

Her makeup line tagged “LauraBeauty” comprises Colour corrector, {N10,000} Contour {N12,000} and lipsticks in different shades, going for N7,000.

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Laura might also release other makeup products, soon enough, for her fans and makeup lovers whose demand have already exceeded products available.

“You know I love makeup, I wear makeup 6 days a week, except sundays cos that’s family day. I started this journey March 2019 when Shirley and I were looking for corrector/ contour to conceal and highlight my face properly but we couldn’t find any that I really liked. So I decided to produce mine, something that would cover every little unwanted spots on my face, cancel out pigmentation like dark circles, acne, patches , etc.
so while I was in the US to have my daughter, I contacted the manufacturers, told them the exact corrector/ contour sticks I wanted them to produce, the ingredients, the colors, the design, the liquid amount per stick etc and truthfully when they delivered I loveeeeed them because it was the exact quality I asked for.
My brother and sister, I just produced the best corrector/ contour sticks u can ever asked for.
It is now live via @lauraikejigang go buy from there while we work on our website.
Now tag new influencers, I want their honest opinion on my products. Thanks and God bless. Oh don’t forget to share this pls. ❤️❤️❤️” her caption read.

Contour kit

Laura Ikeji owns a clothing store “The Gang,” she also has a book “How To Make Money On Instagram.” She is married to Ogbonna Kanu, and they have two children Ryan and Laurel.