Why women should not be afraid of DNA test - Peggy Ovire


Peggy Ovire

Peggy Ovire

By Muhaimi Olowoporoku

Nollywood actress Peggy Ovire also known as Ego Oyibo has said that there is nothing wrong with verifying the paternity status of the kids in a marriage noting that women should not be afraid about it.

In an interview with Inside Nollywood, the actress said only a cheating wife will be scared of getting a DNA test saying the issue is very sensitive.

“The topic of DNA test is a very sensitive issue. But my take is, why start a family with someone you can’t or don’t trust? If and when I get married my hubby asks for a DNA test, I would want to know why he feels our kids are not his before going ahead to get it done. Besides, only a cheating wife will be scared of getting a DNA test.

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