Toke Makinwa shakes hygiene table in latest vlog

Toke Makinwa

Toke Makinwa

By Jennifer Okundia

Nigerian radio personality, television host, vlogger, and lifestyle entrepreneur Toke Makinwa is talking hygiene in her latest vlog.

Makinwa called out ladies who are clean on the outside but dirty inside, while also talking about guys who use the loo but find it hard to flush.

She further mentioned people who have body odor, and revealed that everyone should make a deliberate effort to be hygiene conscious.

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“Let’s talk hygiene 2.0

We’ve done a Vlog on hygiene before but I thought at the start of the year we can re-educate ourselves again because we are all guilty of certain habits (don’t lie). You cannot be looking like a million bucks outside but under all that expensive clothes, hair, etc it’s body odor. Some people will spend millions on their outward appearance and refuse to spend money on the things that matter 😀😀😀😀😀😀. They have the same underwear from 6 years ago, all of a sudden it becomes too expensive to spend money to treat your natural hair, those wig caps, do you wash them often? Do you let your hair breathe? Are your cornrows begging yo be changed??? 😜😜😜 how long do you wear your bra for before you wash them? The guys too are on this table, when last did you wash your boxers? Do you clean your pee pee after you pee or do you just shake it off and bounce?”

Watch the visual here.