What to look for in a Sports Betting website

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Sports betting

Sports betting

There are plenty of sports betting websites available online these days. Online gambling further gained traction as more people turned to the digital realm for entertainment and livelihood.

However, finding a trustworthy sports betting site is not that easy.

As mentioned before, there are thousands of online sports bettings sites to choose from. Luckily, there are reputable and are consistently reliable sports betting sites like ProTipster.

So before you start placing bets on A-list teams like Manchester City, Chelsea, and Real Madrid, it is important to pick a trusted sports betting site first.

We came up with a list of things you need to look for in an online gambling website:


Is the site known to be trustworthy?

Naturally, the first thing you should consider is if the betting site you are checking out is trustworthy. It is important that you do your due diligence for this.

Doing your homework to find reliable betting sites does not have to be a tedious job. Whether you are new to this or just prefer an easy way, you can check out reputable sites that showcase a compilation of trustworthy online gambling websites.

If you prefer to be thorough are those that also share more in-depth information and analysis on reputable betting websites. Usually, they divide these by category to make it easier for you to choose which sports you normally bet on.

Sports Covered

Which games and sports are covered by the site?

Online gambling sites offer a selection of sports for betting but there are also websites that offer a broader array to opt from. This depends on which sports betting site you choose.

In addition, there are betting sites that have offers only for notable marquee games while others cover more games—some even going as far as having offers for every single game.

If you are a punter that prefers a select few sports then it is okay to opt for sites that have smaller options. However, it is better to choose that has a broader range even early on. Having the option to choose later would make it easier for you to expand to other sports betting games with a trustworthy site.

Betting Options

What betting options are available in the site?

While it is true there are plenty of online gambling sites available on the internet, not everyone offers the same thing. In this case, does your preferred site have the specific types of wagers that you want?

Whether you are still a novice better, a seasoned punter or just a leisure gambler, it is best to opt for sites that offer a wide selection of wagers.

This selection allows you to formulate better strategies as you go along. In addition, it also exposes you to different wagers which ultimately mean more chances of winning—if you do it right.

User Interface

Is the site easy enough to navigate in?

Depending on how user-friendly a betting site also impacts your experience as a user and a punter. It strongly influences how you will interact with the site directly.

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Naturally, it is visible if a website considers its users. You will find that most, if not all, reputable sports betting websites are efficient because of their streamline design.

That said, here are some qualities you should consider when assessing a website’s user interface:

Display Format
You need to consider the format carefully. Some might appear odd to you because they appeal to a specific audience or follow their brands’ rules. Be that as it may, choose a site with a format that makes sense to you.

Sorting Options
A website’s sorting capabilities should be reliable. It also helps you to sift through large numbers of potential wagers and help you find the bet you want.

A website’s speed is a basic must. Usually, websites have adequate speed while others are just too slow. Opt for sites that load quickly when your internet connection is stable.

Another basic must is that a website should be compatible with mobile devices not just on desktops. Check how your preferred website looks when you access it via your laptop, smartphone, and even tablet.


Is it easy to move your funds in and out of the site?

Before you even cash in your bankroll into a sports betting website you need to make sure a couple of things. Namely, the following things:

1. Ease of getting your funds off the site at a later date. This is one of the things often overlooked but is important down the road.

2. Availability of your preferred bank methods. Most sports betting sites offer a wide selection of banking options such as credit card, bank transfer, Bitcoin, PayPal. Some would even have choices such as Skrill and Neteller.

3. Deposit and withdrawal fees. You need to know the online gambling site’s associated banking fees before you shop for wagers. These fees vary per site and some do not readily offer this information on their website. If this is the case, you can call their customer service to know their banking fees.

Promotions & Bonuses

What promotions and bonuses is the site offering?

Bonuses and promotions are one of the nice perks that further sweeten the deal for users. Before you choose, carefully consider these perks as well. Here’s a couple of common types that are usually offered by most sports betting websites:

  • Welcome Bonuses. As the name entails, there are perks that you immediately get when you join a betting site. But it varies in how much they are actually offering, have bigger bonuses than others.
  • Deposit Bonuses. There are times when your bankroll is either drained dry or just a step close to it. When you are going to cash in there some betting websites that offer promotional bonuses every time you deposit. Keep in mind these still vary per site and it is a good money-saving bonus down the line.
  • Promotional Offers. Every once in a while or by clockwork, sports betting websites launch a promotional offer for a limited time only. This greatly differs from each website. It is worth staying up-to-date with the promotions available so you can take advantage of it.

Customer Service

How good is the site’s customer service?

While most people do not usually avail the customer services, it is still important to consider it when choosing a sports betting site.

Simply put, customer service should be treated as an insurance policy. You want the best service available so when the time comes you can have the peace of mind that you have a reliable safety net. Here’s a couple of things that are a must:

  • Service Hours. A couple of sports betting sites offer 24/7 customer support. It is advantageous to opt for round-the-clock support instead of limited service hours. This is more important when the sports betting site you chose operates in a different timezone.
  • Contact Options. Consider the available options for contacting the website’s customer service team. Usually, there are betting sites that offer either live chat support, email, or even on-the-phone support service. While a select few have the trifecta of customer contact options. That said, it is best to have two or three contact options available instead of just one.
  • Assistance. While there are sites that give you insights on the sports betting website’s customer service, it is also encouraged that you test it as well. The first-hand experience of a site’s customer service helps you gauge the quality of their service and the level of competency for the service team.

There plenty of sports betting websites available on the internet. All you need to do is search it online to see the long list of options.

However, only a few are actually reputable, trustworthy, and consistent with their services. So before you choose or if you have plans to switch to a different site always ask yourself these questions:

1. Is the site know to be trustworthy?
2. Which games and sports are covered by the site?
3. What betting options are available in the site?
4. Is the site easy enough to navigate in?
5. Is it easy to move your funds in and out of the site?
6. What promotions and bonuses is the site offering?
7. How good is the site’s customer service?

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