How Pam Sowder is training next generation of millionaires


Pam Sowder

Pam Sowder

Digital marketer, author, brand ambassador, and social influencer, Pam Sowder has narrated how she battled poverty by finding out about direct selling and network marketing.

Growing up, Pam Sowder struggled to needed to bring in money to help her cash-strapped family, but seemingly, there was no solution in sight. This all pushed her to find out about direct selling and network marketing as part of a weight-loss company that was expanding in America at the time.

With Pam on board, the company made a killing in the American market before expanding to other North American markets like Mexico and Canada. According to Pam, she was ahead of her time in regards to the specifics of her role and what was she was doing. “I’m the OG Networking Queen and was a brand ambassador and social influencer before it entered the mainstream,” she says.

Presently, after over two decades of experience building a business in network marketing and co-founding her own network marketing company, Pam’s focus has turned to building the next generation of millionaires that will advance the network marketing field. She is keen to share her knowledge of practical steps and guides with younger people and especially women.

“I know what it takes to build a multi-million dollar business many times over and how to find sustainable wealth,” Pam explains. “I know what you need to hear and when you need to hear it. I spend most of my time in the field, not in an office. My passion is working with people, helping them see their own potential, embrace it and act on it. I’m here to help you get it together and make money. Period.”

Presently, one of the formats Pam is using to spread her message is through her podcast where she has regular conversations with industry leaders, thought shapers, and influencers who share trade secrets and speak on the topics that are important in shaping the future of network marketing. Her book, Rich Girl Poor Girl, will soon be published and will touch on her key points in detail.