Gbenga Adigun: Transforming Nigerian Landscape and Housing Market


Gbenga Adigun

By Taiwo Okanlawon

Real estate developers have the power to shape the physical and social landscapes of a country. In Nigeria, Gbenga Taiwo Adigun has made some significant and lasting impact.

Through his innovative approach to real estate development and construction logistics, Gbenga has contributed to the housing market, fundamentally altering the way Nigerians approach building construction and real estate development.

Gbenga Taiwo Adigun was born to Pius Adigun, an astute engineer in glass manufacturing and Aderonke Adigun, a businesswoman

After graduating with a degree in Pure & Applied Mathematics from Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, Oyo State, Gbenga embarked on his professional journey, starting in the Banking & Finance space where he spent about 12 years. His Banking & Finance experience started with Guaranty Trust Bank and culminated in Nigeria’s largest non-bank Financial Institution, ARM. His passion for construction and real estate won’t leave him.

In 2012, he co-founded Rebar Perfecta Limited and set out to add value to the real estate and construction industries.

In 2020, he did a 360-degree switch across industries to fully dive into the Construction and Construction Logistics sector. He moved the company very quickly to be an industry leader in the Construction Support / Construction Logistics space.

One of Gbenga notable contributions to the sector would be providing infrastructure support services on projects like the Opebi – Ojota Bridge for Julius Berger, the Ark 106,000 Auditorium, Winners, Ota for Laralek Ultimate Ltd and tank farms for Ardova PLC and AYF Propane in Ijora. He has also provided infrastructure support on projects like the Oshodi – Apapa Express way and road project support in Lagos and Ogun State.

Gbenga Taiwo Adigun is a co-founder of a diversified business that operates in areas such as real estate development and construction support services. The company’s areas of expertise includes sand dredging , canalization and channel creation and lot’s more.

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His businesses not only generate economic outputs but also contribute significantly to social transformation, demonstrating his commitment to balancing profit with purpose.

This holistic approach underpins the business philosophy of Gbenga Taiwo Adigun, where success is measured not just by financial gains but also by making positive impact in the society.
Gbenga Taiwo Adigun: Environmental impact.

Gbenga Taiwo Adigun is a vigorous advocate of sustainable development and adherence to environmental standards. He is a promoter of using environmentally friendly materials and resources in construction.

The revered entrepreneur believes that in the modern world, human capital and intellectual development are of utmost importance which is evident in his devotion to knowledge acquisition. Adigun believes one of the most important tasks today is investment in personal development.
Legacy and Continued Influence:

Gbenga Adigun’s legacy as a real estate developer and construction logistics expert is nothing short of inspirational. His taste for excellence and adherence to due process has contributed to reshaping and transforming the Nigerian housing market. His commitment to affordability and efficiency serves as a model for sustainable development practices that prioritize accessibility, quality, and social impact.


In conclusion, Gbenga Adigun’s contributions to the real estate industry will continue to have a lasting impact in Nigeria, shaping the way we think about housing, urban planning, and community development.

Through his vision and innovative spirit, Adigun has been recognized in various forums as a major contributor to the Nigerian real estate and construction industry. His proficient insights are sought after at seminars, workshops and industry conferences as a role model and inspirational leader in the sector.

Gbenga Taiwo Adigun’s legacy will continue to impact the industry for generations to come, reminding us of the potent power of innovation and the enduring impact of visionary leadership.

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