Video: Rain of Naira in Benin, as 'Yahoo Boys' throw wads of Naira into the air


Yahoo Boys throw naira into the air in Benin

Yahoo Boys throw naira into the air in Benin

By Jethro Ibileke

Some unidentified boys suspected to be internet fraudsters, otherwise known as ‘Yahoo Yahoo boys’ on Sunday caused commotion, allowing a rain of naira to fall in Benin, Edo State.

The incident was captured in a 1.37 minutes video that went viral on the social media. The video was shot on Sunday, February 7, at Evboutubu, a suburb community in Benin.

One of the boys who wore dreadlocks hair style, reminded one of Lawrence Anini, the notorious armed robber that terrorized the old Bendel State during General Ibrahim Babangida’s regime, who threw mints stolen from banks in public and market places, as cover to evade arrest by police operatives.

The boys who drove to the spot in two vehicles, a white Toyota Venza SUV and another white Lexus Saloon car, with registration number Abuja GWA 300 BL, stopped right in the middle of the unpaved road, throwing wads after wads of naira notes into the air.

The commotion that ensued caused a minor traffic, as passers-by rushed into the road to harvest from the naira rain.

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Watch video below

A woman’s voice was heard in the background, saying in Pidgin English “They are Yahoo boys. They are throwing money into the air to harvest people’s destiny.”

It was however not clear where the boys came from or their exact mission.

An elderly man who commented on the video, said that the intent of the boys would not be far from ritual purposes.

The man who desired not to be named, said no one who worked hard for his money and in his senses would ever do that.

“In my opinion, they are nothing but Yahoo boys and they did that for ritual purposes. No . It was only in the time of Anini we saw something like that,” he said.

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