Court dissolves 14-year-old marriage over husband’s addiction




An Ile-Tuntun Customary Court in Ibadan on Tuesday dissolved a 14-year-old marriage between a hairdresser, Morufat Erioye on grounds that her husband, Ahmed was addicted to alcohol.

In her petition, Erioye also accused her husband of infidelity.

Delivering judgment, the president of the court, Chief Henry Agbaje said he dissolved the marriage for peace to reign.

Agbaje awarded custody of the two children to Erioye and ordered Ahmed to pay N10,000 monthly as child support.

The arbitrator also ordered Ahmed to be responsible for their education.

In her petition, Erioye said:” Ahmed told me that he had stopped drinking but I caught him drinking on many occasions.

”He beats me whenever he is drunk. He also sleeps with all sorts of women. Ahmed is an irresponsible husband and father”.

In his defense, Ahmed opposed the suit and prayed the court to dismiss his wife’s argument for lacking in substance.

”She wants to leave me because I am in a tight financial situation presently. Due to the current economic situation in Nigeria, I can’t perform my responsibilities as a father and a husband.

”She has set a high standard for herself. She is comparing me with those bad friends she keeps,” he said.

He accused Erioye of hanging out with her friends late.

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