Why Nollywood actresses go diabolical to get movie roles - Ruby Ojiakor


Ruby Ojiakor

Actress Ruby Ojiakor

By Muhaimin Olowoporoku

Nollywood actress, Ruby Ojiakor while narrating some of the challenges actresses face in the industry said some movie stars go diabolical to get the attention of movie producers.

According to her, such actresses get sought afterward unlike other actors lobbying for movie roles.

“I believe that juju (charms) work very fast and the people who use it in the industry get rapid fame. I think that is also a challenge in Nollywood, she said.

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The actress also noted during the interview with Punch that the movie industry is crowded which makes actors and actresses get paid poorly.

This she notes results in the production of substandard movies as producers and directors refused to pay good fees to talented actors.

“I believe my fees are affordable, and some producers know my worth. However, there is a high influx of girls into the industry and some of them are ready to even pay the producers to get roles. The result is that the inexperienced actors mess up the movie productions. I am grateful for the producers that know my worth and pay me well.

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