How KEPHI is leaving its mark on the fashion industry




The fashion industry is notorious for a lack of transparency, ethics, and respect for the environment. To combat this, KEPHI is taking a transformative approach to the power of clothing. This modish clothing brand develops every garment with intentionality, carefully considering the direct impact of manufacturing. By utilizing sustainably sourced materials such as recycled fabrics and organic cottons, the brand showcases care for the world around them.

KEPHI produces both womenswear and menswear lines consisting of luxurious essentials like tracksuits, t-shirts, hand-dyed denim, and even workwear. Each piece strikes the perfect balance of trendy and timeless, only elevating KEPHI’s positive impact within the industry.

Leading by example, KEPHI does not only guarantee sustainability in their clothes making processes, but they also guarantee living wages and safe working conditions for every person that plays a role in making the brand come to life. They believe that the well-being of these workers directly translates to the well-being of consumers through the quality of their pieces.

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Still, KEPHI is on a mission to do more than ethically create clothing. As the label prepares for an upcoming launch, they remain committed to their original mission to generate and promote positivity within the world.

Inspired by the greek word ‘kefi’ which refers to joy, passion, and happiness, every garment is brandished with a meaningful phrase. More than just a durable staple in the closet, KEPHI founders want every piece to empower consumers to create meaning and drive positive action in their own life and the lives of others. They hope that every wear brings with it the reminder that “we all have a role in our collective future.”

KEPHI envisions a new way forward in the industry. More than simply making clothing, KEPHI is starting a movement. To learn more about KEPHI, or to keep an eye out for their new line launching in early February, follow along on Instagram or click here.