COVID-19 vaccine: Stella Immanuel scares Christians

Dr Stella Immanuel

Dr Stella Immanuel: She has lots of controversies trailing her

Dr Stella Immanuel: has a scary message for Christians

By Kazeem Ugbodaga

Dr. Stella Immanuel, who claimed hydroxychloroquine is effective cure for COVID-19, is in the news again, with a scary message for Christians.

The die-hard Donald Trump disciple lamented that church folks are taking a luciferase vaccine which is the name of the beast, sending them to eternal damnation.

Luciferases are enzymes that use a substrate called luciferin, along with oxygen and ATP, in an energetic process that produces light—like the yellow glow of fireflies.

Immanuel’s so called assertion is not proven.

She has been accused of making baseless and wild statements in the past.

She said last year that God told her Trump would win the US election, but he lost woefully.

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Her claim about hydroxychloroquine as a potential cure for COVID-19 has also been punctured and rubbished by science.

“Today I’m just thinking about the American church. Many are still drinking the coolaid of the faith movement and prosperity gospel. That is what has caged the church and allowed the enemy to take over. How much more craziness do we have to go through to realise that we have missed it.

“The Lord Jesus preached about hell, fire and brimstone more than anyone else in the Bible. The world is hurting, church folks are taking a luciferase vaccine which is the name of the beast, sending them to eternal damnation and we are still believing the name it, claim, it, laugh and slap someone in the head gospel.

“The world is perishing because you and I have failed to disciple the world. We can’t love people away from sin and iniquity. We need the true word that is a two edged sword,” said Immanuel who is a pastor and founder of a charismatic religious organization, Fire Power Ministries.

Immanuel said the church needed to wake up, saying “I am the voice crying out in the wilderness, repent for the kingdom of God is at hand. Everyone should read the book of revelation. What is coming is not pretty and people are not ready for it because the church is silent.

“I know I sound upset. It’s because as a watchman you see evil coming and those in the city are sleeping. Church folks are literally taking the name of the beast by the millions and losing their souls eternally. This is serious. You know all the churches the Lord spoke to in revelation 2 and 3 are now occupied by Islam.

“They are all in modern day Turkey. How could they go from Pentecost to Islam. Slow compromises. Like the frog being cooked slowly. May God have mercy on us. My prayer now is Lord I need fire for my generation. The way we are now is not compatible with our existence. We need fire for this generation.”