Thowbie Makeovers CEO Daramola Oluwatobi talks body sculpting


Daramola Oluwatobi

Daramola Oluwatobi

Giving its relative safety and perhaps, friendlier financial consideration, body sculpting is slowly replacing cosmetic surgery as a process of choice for body enhancement among women.

Daramola Oluwatobi, the Chief Executive Officer of Thowbie Makeovers, a leading advanced body sculptor and intimate care guru speaks on the process and all it entails.

“Body sculpting is a non surgical, non invasive treatment with no cutting or needle at all.

“Nonsurgical body contouring is also known as nonsurgical fat reduction. There are varieties of nonsurgical fat reduction procedures. These procedures reduce or remove stubborn pockets of fat to contour and shape different areas of the body. While cosmetic surgery is done with needle, cutting and all. Cosmetic surgery is a unique discipline of medicine focused on enhancing appearance through surgical and medical techniques,” she said.

Body sculpting, made popular by celebrities like the Kardashians, has risen in popularity in recent years. Some of these treatments claim to literally kill fat cells (apoptosis) so your body loses fat and looks slimmer. But do body sculpting treatments really get rid of fat?

“Yes, body sculpting gets rid of fat cells and reduces the appearance of fat on targeted areas of the body. Whether using heat, cooling, or ultrasound, body sculpting treatments kill fat cells that are then excreted over the next couple of months, which is when you’ll see full results. Body sculpting actually kills or shrinks the fat cells in the targeted areas. The cells that are killed are gone forever and won’t grow back.

“It is still possible to see fat in those areas again, however, like if you gain weight through unhealthy diet or lack of exercise. The fat cells that are still present in that area, the shrunk cells, will expand in size, even though those fat cells that were killed won’t come back,” she responded.

Oluwatobi avers that she has attended to over 30,000 clients globally, asserting that the business is fast growing in Nigeria.

“Body sculpting business is gradually growing in Nigeria, not everyone is aware that they can have their dream body without going under the knife so we make sure we keep telling people and convincing them about our non-surgical body enhancement therapy,” she said.

Daramola Oluwatobi has undergone series of courses in beauty aesthetics and sculpting.

“To stay updated in the field, I went for training in the UK on body sculpting that has to do with fat reduction in the belly, the back, and the thighs. I also do butt enhancement, that is, non-surgical increase in your butt and also breast size,” Daramola said.

“I have also travelled to Dubai to further my training. So, all of these trainings have really enhanced my skills and helped my business to grow,” she added.

Oluwatobi is based in Lagos, Nigeria. She is an advanced body sculptor and intimate care guru.

After studying Microbiology at the Olabisi Onabanjo University, the Osun State-born therapist started as a makeup artist to gain an inroad into the beauty and skincare business.

Oluwatobi started beauty business in 2014. She hails from Osun.