'You are Stingy, I swear,' fan attacks DJ Cuppy for saying she's most genuine person

DJ Cuppy 1

DJ Cuppy and the fan

DJ Cuppy and the fan

By Michael Adeshina

A fan has attacked Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola, popularly known as DJ Cuppy after she said she is the the most honest and genuine person one has ever met.

DJ Cuppy tweeted on Monday, saying “I’m the most honest and genuine person you’ll EVER meet. I don’t know how to act otherwise. Sometimes it works against me.”

An infuriated fan, by the twitter name, Rashy Don Koncepts, described DJ Cuppy as stingy and that such stinginess ran in the blood.

The fan said DJ Cuppy is stingy because she does not do giveaways for the struggling youth.

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“To be honest with you, you are Stingy I swear. And it isn’t just you, but it runs in the blood I think. All you and your sister do is flaunt your wealth and all.

“No giveaways for the struggling youth. Never saw you assisted anyone on this platform or any Audio huge donation only,” Rashy said.

But another fan by the twitter name, Ocean, countered her, saying DJ Cuppy is never stingy.

He said: “She runs an NGO. Do you understand what that means? We have different policy and philosophy. You just concluded she’s stingy because of Twitter giveaway. Do you know what she does in real life?”

Another fan, Daniel Regha said “Cuppy, I can’t say much about your attitude but keep being yourself, listen to people’s opinions & change if such attitude is limiting you. You may not be the most talented artiste but the fact you are giving it your best speaks volumes. Learn from others, better than yourself & hope for the best.”

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