Idia Aisien supports underprivileged patients at Massey Children's Hospital


In the midst of the ongoing pandemic, there are many who are in dire need of assistance to meet daily needs, including healthcare.

In this regard, now more than ever, underprivileged parents and children need our support.

And this is why actress, TV anchor, and philanthropist, Idia Aisien, is doing her part to provide this much needed support, via her NGO, The International Development Initiative in Africa (IDIA).

She recently visited Massey Children’s Hospital to give a financial donation for the hospital bills of some children, whose parents can’t afford to pay their hospital bills.

In addition, she also delivered care packages, toys, and other gifts to put a smile on their faces.

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IDIA and Massey Children’s Hospital are in the beginning stages of planning a long-term partnership that would entail having the NGO raise funds for: Hospital drugs and supplies, treatment of indigent patients, and fundraising for the SDRF Drug Fund.