How Nate Kennedy overcame adversity to form own empire


Nate Kennedy

Nate Kennedy

During the 2008 recession, serial entrepreneur Nate Kennedy lost his brick-and-mortar store, along with his income. But instead of giving up, Kennedy turned to a virtual business model instead and has enjoyed incredible success.

“I’ve owned multiple businesses over the years and currently own, invest in, and operate as a board member to different companies. A marketing agency that runs FB Ads for the home services industry (Optimized Assets). A Media Company (Click Movement). An Education/Content Company (Marketing Rebels).”

These companies aren’t the only things Kennedy works on. He also has a few projects in the works. “One is launching our 1-Step Funnel Training Program to help Entrepreneurs build a High-Profit, Lifestyle driven business. We also launched the Marketing Cartel, which is our high-level mastermind for Lifestyle Entrepreneurs. One more project in the pipeline is Modern Patriots, an apparel company that focuses on Respect for our Country and Compassion for our People.” Kennedy is also working on a book that details the methods he’s used to achieve success. While still in the works, it’s focus on mindset and tenacity will prove to make it a valuable resource in the future.

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But how can Kennedy keep up with all of these different demands? “FOCUS – There is no lack of information or people fighting for your business when you get started. You will need to avoid shiny object syndrome. Being able to keep focus on your goal and execute effectively will help you succeed. Do the Work and after you are rolling you need to quickly find the WHO to do the HOW. It’s the only way to go from a high-paid employee of your own business to a Business Owner with a great TEAM.”

Kennedy managed to bounce back from economic devastation due to hard work and single-minded determination, and he now offers the lessons he learned to others. “Break Free from people’s opinions. Everyone has opinions, so being able to determine what ones to listen to was a big obstacle as well.”