Meet Donovan Ruffin and learn about his explosive success


Donovan Ruffin

Donovan Ruffin

Real estate investor and motivational speaker Donovan Ruffin may not have known it at the time, but the lessons his family gave him would lay the foundation for his future success.

He learned about hard work from his single mother and his hunger for a better life from the day-to-day struggles she endured.

“I grew up in a small town in Ohio, with my single mother. Even though we’re under-privileged I was blessed with a loving family and a good example to go out and work hard.”

At the end of high school, Ruffin was given the opportunity to prove his work ethic. “I graduated and immediately got into sales where I found my passion for business. 2 years later at 20 years old I started my own marketing company with my former boss who became my business partner. We focused on direct marketing for Fortune 100 companies nationwide. We scaled the company to a multi-million-dollar operation with around 10 sales offices nationwide.”

This first company allowed Ruffin to grow the skills he needed to sustain his success. And what was the core skill needed for that success? “Your mindset is what positions you exactly where you are right now in business. Without the ability to believe in yourself, or your future, you will never grow beyond what you think.”

Ruffin knew when the time came to shift his focus to the next big opportunity and his patience had paid off. “After a few years of investing I shut my marketing company down and went full-time real estate and scaling my acquisition department all around Texas.

“Now we do around 6-7 Million a year buying and selling houses around Texas virtually from our office in Addison. We have been able to grow a strong team at Equity Cash Offer, LLC.”

Equity Cash, LLC is where Ruffin invests his time and effort now and is able to watch those investments pay off in the form of new growth. “I am working on a 17-condo development in East Dallas.”

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