Nigerian military retakes Borno town from Boko Haram terrorists


Nigerian soldiers

Nigerian soldiers attacked ISWAP in Borno town  a

The Nigerian military in Borno State has successfully recovered Dikwa town from ISWAP and Boko Haram fighters who had been in control until Tuesday morning.

It was gathered that soldiers fought through and took control of the UN hub which has been in the hands of ISWAP fighters throughout the night with 25 UN staff hiding in the bunkers.

“All 25 UN staff are safe and are taken to the 81 battalion along Ngala road. They will be airlifted tomorrow to Maiduguri,” a source said.

Some female staff working with some NGO’s were abducted by the ISWAP fighters as they withdrew from Dikwa during the ensuing fight with soldiers who now control the ancient town.

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Residents of the town revealed that there were attempts by military reinforcements and Close Air Support to secure the town but until Tuesday morning the situation was unclear and ISWAP fighters were persisted in the hostage situation.

According to the residents, the ISWAP fighters burnt down some NGO premises, set on fire a health facility, UN hub, the Civil Defence office and 2 IDP camps in the town.

“In the morning there was no single presence of security personnel in Dikwa but we thank God now that the military is in control,” a resident said.