Masquerader followers beat pastor into coma


FILE PHOTO: One dead, others injured as masqueraders attack Muslims in Osun.


By Richard Elesho/ Lokoja

Relations of Pastor Micheal Samson are praying for his quick recovery from injuries he sustained in an attack by followers of a masquerader in a Nigerian village.

The pastor, resident in Iyano, a village in Ibaji Local Government Area of Kogi State, was beaten into a coma by his attackers on Monday night within the premises of his United Evangelical Church.

Pastor Samson had entered the bad book of the masquerader and its followers in the afternoon of Monday 1st March, when he denied them entry into the church during a ceremony.

He had insisted that the church was a holy place that had no room for pagan practices. The intruders would not swallow such insolence.

Angered by the pastor’s resistance, the youths came back, armed with dangerous objects.

They beat the pastor into a pulp.

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They struck while he was fast asleep. After subduing him, they abandoned his weak body and fled.

P.M. NEWS gathered that concerned members and relations rescued him and took him to Idah General Hospital, where he is recuperating.

“They wanted to perform to the gods of the land which we call “Ane” in Igala land.

“The pastor told them that this is not the right place to do it and they should leave. After leaving, they came back in the night fully kitted with dangerous objects to beat him to Coma.

“They were up to 20. We are praying right now that nothing should happen to our brother because he is currently in critical condition.

”The incident has been reported to the Police Division in Onyedega under Ibaji LGA” one of the Pastor’s family members said.

It was however gathered that the Police are on the trail of persons behind the act