Cambodia launches online child-protection campaign


Chea Vandeth, Cambodia Minister of Post and Telecommunications

Chea Vandeth, Cambodia Minister of Post and Telecommunications

The Cambodia Minister of Post and Telecommunications, Chea Vandeth on Wednesday said the state has launched an online child-protection campaign called “Kit Kou Kon” to raise awareness of the danger of digital platforms on children.

Vandeth also said that the platform will provide useful tips to parents about preventing and solving related problems.

“Research showed that 26 per cent of the Internet users in Cambodia have experienced online harassment and a majority of them are children.

“Online harassment towards children is increasing rapidly around the world, and during the Coronavirus pandemic, children have changed their study environment and have used the Internet more often.

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“It is set up in order to ensure that internet connectivity and usage are safe and beneficial to Cambodian children.

“The Ministry of Post and Telecommunications (MPTC) has launched the campaign to provide useful tips and information to parents, guardians, teachers, and the public about protecting children from online risks,” the minister added.

Vandeth said people could follow the Kit Kou Kon’s and MPTC’s Facebook pages to receive actionable advice on how to protect their children when they go online.

The Southeast Asian nation has seen a rapid rise in Internet users in recent years.

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