How Willy Moeller is using social media to make money across the world


Willy Moeller

Willy Moeller

Wherever he is in the world, Willy Moeller tries to use his upbringing as an example of all that is possible in a globally-connected world. Coming to the United States of America from Ecuador as a 10-year-old, he assimilated into the system of his home country and built a business that worked based on that available system.

“For over 10 years, I was a traditional business owner who completely merged into the online business world about 3 years ago! Now, I run multiple multi-million dollar online businesses,” he recounts.

After shifting his business offline for a couple of years, he has been able to improve the fortune of his company via the visibility that social media affords him, leveraging bis connection for more mobility and using the free time he has to embark on a trip around the world while keeping his business functional.

“I went from making 4 to 5 thousand a month to well over 6 figures a month in profit in less than a year! I have grown to over half a million followers on Instagram, and have leveraged it to connect and do business with all the top entrepreneurs. I have also traveled to over 80 countries while making money from my phone, and I am now helping others do the same,” explains Willy.

His work has attracted the attention of people willing to learn from him and he has capitalised on that to form a consultancy that helps others navigate the digital space.

“We work with the absolute best in the industry, which allows us to guarantee the results our clients need. My website has on its homepage ‘Maximize your full potential. Welcome to the digital world.’ That is what we intend to do: maximize any person or business’ potential by enhancing their presence. Your Instagram account shows the world who you are, so you should start treating it like a business.”

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