Fani-Kayode hits critics of his stand on killing of Fulani family in Osun

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By Ayorinde Oluokun/Abuja

Former Minister, Chief Femi Fani- Kayode, has described those critiquing his stand on the killing of a six members of a Fulani family in Osun State as ‘worse than animals.’

The six family members were killed at Wasinmi in Irewole Local Government Area of Osun state.

The Police Command in the state confirmed that the killings took place on Saturday night.

Osun Deputy Governor, Mr Benedict Alabi, described the killings as disheartening and unfortunate during a visit to the community on Sunday.

In the same vein, Fani-Kayode described the killing of ‘an innocent & defenseless Fulani herdsman and members of his family’ as ‘unacceptable’

“This is barbaric & unacceptable. Those that indulge in such cruel & callous acts are as bad as the foreign Fulani terrorists that kill our people,” he said in a post on his social media page on Sunday.

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But his reaction to the killings was met by backlash by those who believed that the murder of the Fulani family members was a just dessert for the alleged criminality engaged in by their compatriots.

However, Fani Kayode will not back off.

In a series of tweets on Monday morning, he described those condemning his stand on the killings as ‘worse than animals.’

He also argued that murder cannot be justified under any guise and being a Fulani should not be a death sentence.

“I make no apology for saying it was wrong to kill an INNOCENT & DEFENCELESS Fulani family of 6 in Osun. Those that condemn me for saying this are worse than animals. You CANNOT justify the murder of INNOCENTS under ANY circumstances &being Fulani should not be a death sentence.

“We must not lose our sense of decency& humanity & we must not let our emotions becloud our better judgment. I support the killing of TERRORISTS (Fulani or otherwise) but I REFUSE to support the killing of innocent& defenseless people, including women & children, regardless of their tribe or faith and whether they are Fulani, Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo, Ijaw or anything else. We can kill those who attack us but we must protect those who choose to live in peace with us.

“The killing of innocents can never be described or deemed as a heroic act.”

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