Asari Dokubo

One of the leaders of Ijaw ethnic nationality, Chief Julius Babogha on Wednesday said it is nothing but suicide mission for Mujahid Asari Dokubo to ask the Niger Delta to join in the agitation for Biafra nation.

Speaking in Warri, Delta State, Babogha said it would be better for the region to stay on its own than to join Biafra.

“If you are a student of history you will understand what happened in the early 60s how the region suffered at the hands of Biafra soldiers when they took over Niger-Delta as part of the Biafra Republic.

“We will be more better-being part of Nigeria nation than to align with Biafra, mostly at this contemporary time, so, l want to say that the call by Asari Dokubo on Niger-Delta to join Biafra is nothing but a suicide mission that will plunge the entire Niger-Delta states into serious political conflicts,” he said in a report by the Nation.

According to him, Asari Dokubo would have given the statement a real thought before coming out to the public “because if you have seen reactions from all stakeholders across the Niger-Delta region, mostly from the Ijaw national leader, Chief Edwin Kiagbodo Clark and others, it will tell him the statement is not acceptable to all.”

He advised Asari Dokubo and his followers to go back to history and see if the path they were trying to follow was worth it.

Babogha said Asari Dokubo and his followers should retrace their steps and think of how to make Nigeria a stronger nation for “us all and not to divide it.”