IWOW presents 10th annual Global Possibilities Summit (GPS) 2021


Inspired Women of Worth (IWOW)

Inspired Women of Worth (IWOW)
Inspired Women of Worth (IWOW)

The Inspired Women of Worth (IWOW) Leadership Network was launched in 2010 in Johannesburg, South Africa to inspire, connect and empower women to live fully and with purpose.

It has also since 2020 expanded to incorporate a leadership academy, which in its inaugural year graduated 112 outstanding aspiring, emerging, and advanced female leaders.

The network has announced that its 10th annual and first virtual conference will take place virtually on March 25th and 26th.

In typical nature as with other IWOW events, this year’s conference has a distinct theme that will drive all the events and conversations during the 2-day conference.

This year’s theme is ‘Are You the Woman for the Job?’

Inspired Women of Worth (IWOW) Leadership Network's 10th Annual Global Possibilities Summit (GPS) 2021
Inspired Women of Worth (IWOW) Leadership Network’s 10th Annual Global Possibilities Summit (GPS) 2021

The IWOW GPS 2021 theme was carefully chosen not only for the global reverberations created by the emphatic statement ‘I Am The Woman For The Job’ made by Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala (Director General of the World Trade Organisation) during her campaign launch video for the same position, but due to its relevance to the conscious daily choices that more women must begin to make in order to create the good change and impact that women are intrinsically equipped to create.

The theme is also firmly aligned with the International Women’s Day 2021 theme – #ChooseToChallenge.

Past edition themes of the Global Possibilities Summit attended by a global audience of female career professionals, entrepreneurs, high-net-worth individuals, and an aspirational audience include ‘No Glass Ceilings’, ‘It’s ShowTime’, and ‘Unleash the Extraordinary’.

In the past, the annual event had always been in-person but due to COVID-19 restrictions, a keen sense of responsibility, and agility required to adapt to the new normal, the network decided that a fully virtual conference would not only be the best option but able to truly deliver the conference as the global event that is has grown to be over the last decade.

From statements made by the leadership of the network and the alumni, it is evident that this 10th-anniversary conference will not only be celebratory but transformational for the network, its members, and event attendees.

Udo Okonjo, Founder of the Inspired Women of Worth says “There is a need for more positive female leaders to rise into visible leadership. The more role models our sons and daughters see will create the incredible possibilities that would lead to an impacted society in which especially the more vulnerable than women typically think about are helped in a sustainable manner. The women who should attend this conference must pledge to remind themselves that they are worth every thinkable dream of theirs, and must consistently build capacity and competence to be the best. In Eleanor Roosevelt’s words – “Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission.”

Bioye Davies, IWOW Trustee, and Lead, Event Organizing Committee asks several questions.

“ARE YOU THE WOMAN FOR THE JOB?” Have you put yourself in a box that wasn’t there in the first place? Are you dealing with Impostor Syndrome? Are you looking at other women around you and thinking they fell from the sky as Super Women? Did you set a glass ceiling above your achievements? If any of these statements relate to you, then you need a SHIFT! An upward shift to become the impactful and influential woman you are meant to be. The world is evolving, and as a woman, you need to be part of this. Women need to SHOW UP for the part. This is one GPS you do not want to miss. Join the conversation of piquant and rousing sessions with other Power Woman”.

“The IWOW Global Possibilities Summit is for any woman who is ready to take on or is already taking on the challenge of becoming the best version of herself. With a wide array of speakers who have excelled in diverse backgrounds, the conversations will be inspirational and insightful with actionable steps. The summit provides an opportunity for women of all ages to hear the stories of what is working and what has not worked for high achieving men and women and use this knowledge to refine their plan to becoming the woman for the job”. In a statement by Oghenero Ozobeme, as Coordinator of the Alumni.

The event lineup includes a Founder’s Event on the evening of March 25th and several thought-provoking sessions on the 26th covering topics such as DIGITAL ADOPTION & THE ROAD TO THE NEW REALITY, LEADING IN UNCERTAIN TIMES, CHALLENGE YOUR INNER AND OUTER CRITICS TO BECOME THE WOMAN FOR THE JOB, DON’T JUST NETWORK, BUILD RELATIONSHIPS. For more information and registration details, visit the event website i-wow.org/gpsvirtual/2021/

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