How Sandro J. Stadelmann is revolutionizing Austrian Real Estate industry


Sandro J. Stadelmann i

Sandro J. Stadelmann i

With the world in constant flux due to the deleterious effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, several industries have been forced to go under or imagine what the future would look like without them. Not the real estate industry however, despite the uncertainties of the pandemic period, real estate continues to thrive in Austria, and Sandro J. Stadelmann is helping to revolutionize the industry in keeping with 21st century standards.

Inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger, the entrepreneur had a difficult path into the business, having to work in the military for a year before he found his path into the real estate world. “I didn’t have an easy youth and when I was 20, I decided to do a year abroad in the military,” he said. “After that year, I decided to pursue a career in the real estate business.”

In 2017, Sandro decided to found his own company, Mister Immo GmbH, and he’s been building the company since then, focusing on cutting edge tech and innovative marketing to link real estate sellers and buyers of high-end apartments in the German-speaking areas of Austria and Germany.

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“Me and my team go the extra mile of the extra mile for our customers,” he says. “We rely on highly effective marketing and ensure that both interested parties and real estate sellers receive the best possible advice.”

Sandro’s plan for the future is two-fold: First he wants to become the most successful and best-known real estate agent in the German speaking area and build up a multi-million Euro company as the year goes on, establishing how own business dynasty.

Importantly, he also wants to help the next generation of real estate find their footing in a world that’s becoming increasingly digital.

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