OPPO launches 2 new high-tech smart phones in Nigeria


OPPO launches 2 new high-tech smart phones in Nigeria

OPPO launches 2 new high-tech smart phones in Nigeria

Global smartphone giant OPPO has introduced two new sets of smartphones Reno 5 and Reno 5F, in its bid to provide a customized smart service to consumers in Nigeria and to form an all-inclusive technology ecosystem.

Speaking at the virtual unveiling, the Public Relation (PR) Manager, OPPO Nigeria, Mr. Joseph Adeola, said the phones would ensure Nigerians have access to the world without stress.

Adeola said that the phones were created with special features and technologies for people to keep evolving and to close the gap in the entertainment world and photography.

He said that the phones have a multi-cooling system attached to the steel plates up to the lower cover structure, and also heat pipes to lower temperature.

“We are motivated to create better products for the people to keep evolving; recently, we announced our 3+N+X strategy to accelerate our technology innovation.

“The ‘3’ refers to ‘Three Technology Development Projects’, namely – the underline hardware, software and services technologies.

“These technologies will become the technical foundation for OPPO’s long-term development which helps it produce the best intelligence hardware products and bring an integrated smart life to users while also providing customized smart service to consumers worldwide.

“The ‘N’ refers to several essential capabilities that we have long been working on including connectivity, artificial intelligence, security and privacy.

“As for the ‘X’, it stands for OPPO’s capability to build differentiated technology which currently includes video and imaging technologies as well as vogue flash technology,” Adeola said.

He noted that the phones have the AI highlight video, AI mixed portrait, dual view video, 50watt flash charge and smart air control which made them unique in the world of smartphones.

Marketing Manager, OPPO Nigeria, Nengi Akinola, said the new phones would enable Nigerians express themselves through video and images and not only by voice.

She said the Reno 5 series was designed to bring colour and life to the world around it users effortlessly, irrespective of the time of day.

“OPPO users have automatically become photographers to capture life as it happens because of the high sensitivity of its camera, as it has incorporated highly artistic aesthetic concepts into the designs of its products.

“Since Reno 2 innovation, we have been improving our leading camera technology into creating unprecedented video performance, and with Reno 5, we have raised the bar higher than ever, enabling anyone to take professional quality videos and photos with ease.

“The Reno5 series smartphones are designed for trend seekers looking for powerful, yet durable devices that boast of a mix of fun, new video features that enable them to capture memories and moments from more than one perspective.

“It comes with 64MP Main Camera, 8MPUltra Wide angle camera, 2MP Macro camera and a 2MP Mono Lens.

“These cameras become an unwatchable Force working together in spite of their individual performances,” Akinola said.

She added that the new smartphones were the industry’s first and arguably best-imagined technology in the market for superior portrait performance with AI Mixed portrait.

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