Nigeria's Technological Revolution: How it affects ways to stay entertained


FILE PHOTO: Technological revolution and entertainment.

Photo credit: Forbes

FILE PHOTO: Technological revolution and entertainment.

FILE PHOTO: Technological revolution and entertainment.
Photo credit: Forbes

When you look at the world, it seems clear that there has been a technological revolution in recent years. This has certainly been seen across Africa and within Nigeria.

Also referred to as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, digital transformation has helped the business, education and economic opportunities within Nigeria to thrive.

Investment in internet connectivity and mobile networks has led to Nigeria becoming a tech hub for all of Africa, and with this change still underway, the country could well become the leading tech innovator in the region.

It has also seen a change in how we entertain ourselves.

While we might do roughly the same things still, how we do them has altered significantly, in many areas. But just what has this meant for how Nigerians like to fill their spare time?

Mobile gaming

One real benefit that the ongoing tech revolution in Nigeria has delivered is mobile gaming. Recent figures show that spending in this sector in Nigeria has risen from $5.5 million in 2014 to $69 million in 2020.

This shows just how important fast mobile networks and internet connectivity are in Nigeria. It also shows just how widespread access to modern smartphones has become – particularly for young Nigerians.

With the prospect of 5G connectivity as time moves on, we could see the tech revolution in Nigeria push the mobile gaming sector to even greater heights.

While playing mobile video games online is popular, it is mobile casino gaming that is perhaps the first choice for many.

This is easy to understand when you consider the chance it gives people to make money and have fun at the same time.

There are also some great online casino sites for Nigerian players to use – many choose to have fun with casino games at Europa Casino in a bid to stay entertained.

Social media platforms

Next to mobile gaming, an increase in social media usage is another by-product of the tech transformation within Nigeria.

As with mobile gaming, better internet access and more reliable connections help here. With more and more Nigerians becoming tech-savvy, browsing social media is a way in which many love to stay busy in their spare time.

With the number of social media users in the country rising to 33 million by 2021, the stats clearly show how a more tech-centred society is choosing to spend its spare time.

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In terms of specific platforms, recent figures show that WhatsApp, Facebook and YouTube are the apps that Nigerians prefer.

Music streaming in Nigeria

The tech revolution in Nigeria has certainly had an impact on the local music scene and how people can now listen to their favourite artists, such as Kiss Jaga’s latest track ‘Hustle’.

Although this has been building a little slower than mobile gaming, it is a massive market and one that is gaining ground.

New music streaming platform uduX, which launched in December 2020, shows this to be true, as does the presence of industry giants like Spotify in the country.

But why do we love to stream music in order to stay entertained? The simple answer is that it is mobile, cheaper, quicker and more convenient.

Of course, the tech revolution has been behind the growth of music streaming in Nigeria. Without the fast, reliable online connections and next-gen platforms to stream music from, it would not be possible.

TV/movie streaming

As well as the music industry being disrupted by digital streaming services, how we watch TV shows and movies has also been impacted.

Once again, this has only been possible due to the technology that Nigeria now has to support these services. From the streaming platforms themselves to the digital networks needed to connect them to our TV sets, the tech is critical to streaming in this way.

Popular streaming platforms in Nigeria include Netflix, which often carries a wide range of the best ‘Nollywood’ films to watch.

For on-demand viewing and a wider choice of what to watch, these modern digital ways of watching TV show or movies are becoming more and more prevalent.

Tech push has changed entertainment in Nigeria

The fact that there is and has been a huge technological revolution happening in Nigeria recently is beyond doubt.

Digital innovation within Africa is actually something that is fast picking up pace, on the whole.

While this has provided many benefits for businesses in the country, it has also been positive for our personal lives. This can certainly be seen in how tech has influenced how Nigerians fill their spare time these days.

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